RyuShare is a modern, professional file hosting company, quite popular among uploaders and leechers. We came to market in early 2012, but till now we take big part of it.

Why you need us?
In case of storing an important file person faces many kinds of security issue. File can be deleted or the whole memory can be formatted any time, and often people forget to create a backup. Even, there is a risk to lose the memory device, because accidents can happen at any time. That is where we give you full security. We provide all kind secured file hosting service, create back ups, hosts your file into different servers, makes files private and many other security measures. Moreover, this files are accessible only by the owner from any part of the world at any time. Besides we also offers the file sharing system. People can share their files to anyone and anytime. Storing files in our servers never provide these many features. That’s why day by day people getting interested to use file hosting services to store their files in ultimate security. We guarantee the safety of files stored by users, so you can put your important files in file host’s storage and stay completely tension free. Despite all these advantages, you can just get unlimited downloads. In that case I recommend you to buy premium account.

With RyuShare premium account you get lot benefits:

● Unlimited download speed
● Unlimited parallel downloads
● Ad free downloads
● Resume downloads
● Support for download acceleretors
● Instant download without waiting and many other benefits


How to buy RyuShare premium account?
You can buy it via credit card. We will add more options soon. Just click on site images or banners and enjoy unlimited paralell downloads with maximum speeds.

Premium account prices:


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